ARGO @ DGLR workshop

11 Oct

During a workshop on “”Verschwindet die Grenze zwischen Hardware- und Softwareentwicklung? – Konsequenzen, Probleme und Chancen”, Dr.-Ing. Timo Stripf presented a talk on cross-platform software development for heterogeneous multicore systems

Latest embedded systems are increasingly being equipped with multicore processors as well as FPGA and GPU accelerators. This is necessary to meet the performance and energy requirements of new innovative embedded applications. The programming of such multicore systems is still predominantly implemented manually. This is very complex, expensive and time-consuming. For this reason, many companies try to avoid the use of multicore processors in their embedded systems but at the same time they often have to employ them for technological reasons. In the market for embedded systems, there is thus a strong need for efficient programming solutions for multicore systems. This presentation highlights new tool solutions for automated C code generation and software parallelization from MATLAB®, Simulink as well as Scilab and Xcos applications for heterogeneous embedded multicore systems. Eliminating the need for manual programming, the offered tool solutions reduce the development effort by up to 80% and additionally lead to a higher quality of the final product.

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