End-user guidelines for model-based design

27 Oct

Models or applied maths on controls need arise at the end of the 20th century due to some challenges emergence:

  1. How to control in safer ways critical infrastructures like nuclear plants?
  2. How to ensure by design that suppliers will comply with specifications?
  3. How to split a system and distribute the realisation of parts.

All these questions can be answered by providing a mathematical model backed by dedicated software called a “Model-based environment”. There are multiple mathematical representations as well as multiple environments available depending on users’ concerns. In our use-cases, the selected model-based environment is called Scilab/Xcos and implements both a scripting language and a graphical dynamic systems modeler.
The two use-cases represents the industry usage on implementing advanced controls software in two different ways. The Fraunhofer IIS POLKA use-case focus on the easy to use, matrix-based Scilab scripting language to implement image transformation algorithms, whereas the DLR GPWS use-case rely on sub-systems decomposition and control system semantics of Xcos to implement an aeronautic altitude alert system.

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